Music – 80’s and Metal

Earlier tonight I sat down and watched some old 80’s metal videos. MTV was playing some metal videos from back in the day, and watching them sure brought back a ton of memories (Yes…MTV playing music. Go figure!). I used to watch those when they came out but it was mainly just to hear some of the music. The videos were all bad except for the live concert footage. You have to remember this was before the internet (waaaayyyy back…) so that was the only way to be exposed to new music and new bands unless you took a chance and brought an expensive import vinyl record (then, later on, CDs). Unfortunately, the mid-70s on into the 80s were horrible for music so combine the two and one could be desperate for new tunes on a continuing basis.

Saw some bands on there I had not heard since the 80s – Armored Saint, Helloween, Duo, Dokken, and one of my faves…Iron Maiden. And of course, there were some bands that should have never gotten as far as recording an album let alone shooting a video. I guess that still stands true. I do not listen to the radio since its all corporate playlists and mostly bad music. Add to that my genre of music is not played on the radio so that suits me fine.

Man…I’m so glad people don’t dress like that anymore. That stuff didn’t die off fast enough. Those hideous clothes, over-the-top makeup, and big, big hair. Don’t believe in global warming? Just look at all those hairdos and it’s easy to see what escalated it!

After that, I saw the last part of a documentary called “Heavy Metal in Baghdad”. It’s a very well-done documentary about a metal band in Iraq named Acrassicauda and what they go through. I won’t go into too much detail about it, but if you are into music you will probably like it. One part they talk about is the war and bombs and such in their neighborhoods. That was a poignant spot in the movie and it took me back to college days and an Israeli guy in a broadcasting class I took. He brought a home movie of a SCUD missile attack when Iraq was shooting missile at them. I remember it to be terrifying and a “different reality” than what you see on TV. When it is someone you know going through their neighborhood being bombed and potentially gassed it is a whole different thing.

Anyhoo, not trying to close out on a downer; the movie reminded me of that but it is worth watching. Most of those 80s videos eh, not so much.

Think I am headed to bed. I am making a storage unit trip tomorrow and need to get up at a decent time.


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