Back to Civilization

Well, I am now back to my version of reality. We got back late Tuesday night and I have hit the ground running. The job search has begun, unemployment has been filed for, the Mac has been updated, and I am ready to apply (and have been applying) for jobs.

For those of you who have looked at my blog from the beginning you would understand what I am saying. If not, this might be a good time to start at Day 1 of my blog so you will understand how I got to this point. If you don’t, then I will summarize with a sentence: this is really the first time in three years that I will be leading some semblance of a normal life – living in a house in a town and looking for gainful employment.

This might take some adjustment, but it will be fine. You have to understand that for the last six months I lived on Orcas Island in the San Juan Islands in a tiny house and worked for Washington State Parks. Prior to that I lived on two separate National Wildlife Refuges over 2½ years. I have not really lived with much civilization during this time. Life has not really been what most of you would call “normal” by any stretch of the imagination, but I must say that it has been awesome! I saw my fair share of trials before I moved up here, but still there are no regrets over what has happened in the last three years – not counting my motorcycle wreck, of course. Many wonderful and exciting things have happened since I have moved up here to Washington.

As soon as I get time and get pictures downloaded I will be posting them as well as updating some info on pics I have posted recently. I just have not had time or my Mac to do the posts like I want to and usually do. Be sure to check back often!

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