As I sit here in my cabin having supper I ponder the season wrapping up for me and the last weekend I will be here for this year.

I am the next-to-last seasonal employee to leave from my group of parks and the last one has just two weeks left. There are three seasonal employees left from Moran and two of those are done this week. It is odd to see everyone leave, and it is perhaps the strangest thing about doing seasonal work – strangers all thrown together through circumstance, getting to know each other, then a few months later we all go our own way.

It’s odd when the end of your season comes around. You know it’s going to happen, yet you never really realize it until you are one of the last puppies in the pound. When everyone starts leaving that reality sets in and then the time starts to speed up…but then it doesn’t, and it happens all at the same time. Eventually you just feel like you want to get the end overwith so you can go about your life.

It has been a fun summer and a great experience being up here in the San Juans. I have gotten to know and make friends with some wonderful people in my time here and we have had a lot of fun. I believe most of us acquired some new skills along the way and can add a few new things to our résumés. I know we “left our mark” with some various projects we completed so I guess we actually did make a difference and that is very rewarding.

I have just two working days left and then it’s back to Port Angeles and the next chapter unfolds. There’s some pretty substantial changes coming in some aspects of my life in the very near future and what will happen is anyone’s guess. One of those things is to continue looking for a job but that has to happen despite everything else that is taking place and no matter where I would be. As for the other things, we’ll just see what happens.

It’s a bittersweet thing leaving here…it is definitely a whole different way of life up here that is quite enjoyable and relaxing. I am sure I will be back up this way at some point to work and/or visit.

So, in the meantime, I am looking for my next gig. I hope to stay in the same line of work. If you are reading this and hear of a possible job in the parks/outdoor recreation field please let me know or pass along my info. I am on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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