Job Searching

Searching for a job in the world today is much different. Those of you looking for a job know what I mean. You have to be competitive, and to do that involves social media.

I used to be on Facebook, but left it nearly four years ago. I got tired of privacy issues with the site every time they would update the site. I also got tired of hearing about people’s religion, politics, and what they had for breakfast. I still will not get on that site again, but have to use some other forms of social media to find employment.

I recently resumed my blog (obviously), and last week I got on LinkedIn. I just signed up for a Twitter account a few minutes ago so now I am learning how to use it for a job search and, if I did it right, have all three tied together.

It looks like it will be a little challenging but I am looking at websites for help on using Twitter for a job search. If you have any suggestions or helpful hints please send me a message.


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