A New Project

Today we started a new project – well, new for me. They have been doing this the last few years and this is the start of this year’s season.

There is an invasive species of crab called the European Green Crab. It is a nasty little bastard, decimating other species of crabs, mollusks, and other small crustaceans. They have been spotted close to us – across the Strait in Canada, so we have to monitor to see if they have gotten over here yet. Fingers are crossed that they haven’t and that we do not find any of them. Not much can really be done about invasive species unfortunately. They are too small to be economically harvested to eat but they are edible. These things are so invasive that it is even against the law to possess or transport them if they are alive.

We went out at low tide to set ten crab traps today. We have two sets of five traps at two separate locations on The Spit. We will go out tomorrow to check the traps to see what we have caught. This will be very interesting since nearly anything can end up in the traps.

I will try to get some pictures tomorrow and update with another post if there is anything interesting.

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