So… there I was…

…sitting talking to the person at the kiosk before me. I was relieving her so she could go home. I turned to look to my left for some unknown reason and from out of nowhere he came running at me with bloodlust in his eyes, like he was hellbent on coming after and jumping on and jumping on me. I thought I was being attacked so I just kind of sat there in this surreal world thinking “Now just what the hell is he doing?”.

No, it was not a person. It was a squirrel. You heard me correctly… a squirrel. He was running straight at me and was not stopping. He got about two feet from me and I moved since I had no idea if he was a mercenary squirrel with rabies. When I moved it was like he had an epiphany about what he was doing and realized it was not in his best interests to continue the course of action. He suddenly got his wits about him and did an exit, stage right. I was not scared… just a little startled about this thing running at me full speed for no apparent reason. I just sat there wondering what the hell had just happened and started to laugh.

I have heard (and even heard it this very morning) about squirrels eating mushrooms and start acting funny and doing weird things… maybe he was tripping and was hallucinating that I was a giant peanut or an ear of corn. The gal sitting next to me started laughing and could not believe it happened either. I noticed his tail was not very bushy… did he have a meltdown like Brittany Spears and cut it off?

I looked it up (of course… why not?), and it seems that the little buggers have an affinity for psychoactive mushrooms. In fact, many animals like magic mushrooms from an article I found. They do not really know if the animals get high necessarily (they don’t say “WOW!”… at least out loud in English), but I think this one was probably baked.

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