Customer Service

The saddlebags on my bike are made by FirstGear. I had some trouble with them sagging a little due to the stiffener panels curling over at the top. I contacted them about if it was possible that I could replace these panels to get them more rigid so they would not sag onto the exhaust.

I had contact with a guy named Nick, and he sent me a return label and a brand new pair of saddlebags – all I had to do was contact the company and ask them about their product! I was going to fix the problem myself if they had an answer for me. That is what customer service is all about – many other companies (oh, for example, satellite/cable TV providers) could take note of this. This is how you keep customers happy and, quite honestly, how you keep customers. Word of mouth is very powerful marketing… both good and bad.

Too many times we do not compliment companies for what they do right; we only get on them for what they do wrong. If I get outstanding service I let a manager/supervisor/owner know that they have a =n employee in their midst who takes care of customers no matter what.

I will definitely be buying more FirstGear items with this fantastic customer service experience I had. I have been looking at a tank bag and they are at the top of my list.

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