A Follow-up

A while back I helped a visitor that had a horrible case of vertigo get to his car so they could get to the hospital. He was in pretty rough shape.

Yesterday we were coming back from doing a shorebird survey (which we have been doing every other weekday for the last two and a half weeks and finish this Friday). We came off the beach and started up the hill as some visitors moved over to the side. I opened the door to tell them thanks and a guy said to me “I am back and doing better!”. I looked at him rather puzzled and he said “I was the one you helped that had vertigo. Thank you for your help that day. We went to the hospital and I and I am doing much better.”. I shook his hand and told him it was good to see him and good to hear that he was better.

That was pretty cool that he not only remembered me, but that he thanked me as well as I did not expect that. I was only helping out a visitor – it is just one of all the things that I have to do here. I have had to help others out and will again I am sure.

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