Storms, Lizards, Prog, and Coupons, Oh My!

A note: I am going to start putting titles in the “Title” section instead of dates. I am thinking that maybe I can get more hits on my blog if I start doing this so I am gonna give it a try. Now back to your regular programming…

There are some storms rolling in to this area for the next several days. They say the last two weeks of November is the wet season here – we have had some high tides and starting to see some surf rolling in so this might get interesting on the beach. In the cabin I can hear waves breaking down on the beach so it can get loud.

I was down on the beach a few times today and that is some raw power I witnessed. You can feel the Earth rumble under your feet, and it can get quite loud and it is not even a bad day yet. It is interesting to see how this place is always in a state of motion. It is constantly changing – just like the rest of the planet. It is just what it does.

Up near the shop I saw this lizard:

Lizard - a poisonous one to boot!

Lizard – a poisonous one to boot!

This lizard is common around here, and is poisonous. I was told that the biologist here saw a frog eat one, fall over dead, and the lizard crawled out of its mouth and went on its merry way. Now THAT is poisonous.

Tonight I took a little time out to watch part of the Marillion concert at Loreley. Those guys were so good during that time. I do like them with both Steve H and Fish; two completely different bands it seems, but great music overall. I saw them live about 7 years ago with Hogarth, and a couple of years ago I got to see Fish live on his “13th Star” tour. Marillion was the band that really got me started on progressive music and I still love it and listen to various prog bands most of the time.

For those of you who eat and might be unaware of this website, you should check out It is totally legit and will save you some big $$ on dining out. You get a gift certificate for the restaurants you want to visit, or maybe a new one you have been wanting to try, for less than half of face value. I got a $15 one that I used today and I spent $6 for it.

I would also like to take a moment in this posting to thank everyone all around the world for stopping by for a look, liking, and even following my blog. I really appreciate it.

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