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A moment of silence, please…

The Twinkie is dead as of today. Long live the Hostess Twinkie. I have not indulged in those decadent delights too much the last few years since I am trying to keep an eye ion my health somewhat.

I could not find them in the stores tonight. I used to freeze them, or I would put strawberries on them and it was just like a strawberry shortcake. I even remember when they had strawberry goo in with the white filling. MMMmmmm. I have had them deep-fried too. Oh man…

A long-time favorite of mine (and many others) is now in the history books thanks to not only union greed, but an asshole CEO who says there was no choice. You, sir, are a goddamned liar – there is ALWAYS a choice. This reeks of the same stench that we smell in the political scene here in the USA – the word “compromise” is no longer an option in any negotiations. This “my way or the highway” mentality has to stop now. It is destroying this country, just as it has destroyed this American institution called “Hostess”.

Hell, this CEO was just waiting for the union to do something like this so he could sell of the body parts and make his bonus – no good, greedy asshat – and he will become a hero in the corporate world to other people just like him. It was an adversarial relationship between him and the union it sounds like, and turned into a game of chicken due to unwillingness to negotiate in good faith on BOTH sides.

I hope all you morons are happy – the CEO for killing over 18000 jobs just with Hostess (and who knows how many with the suppliers) and killing off an iconic company that had several iconic brand names, and the union for being unwilling to bargain to save their jobs. You have now lost everything.

The “CEO” may sell off those names and make even more money, which was his plan all along, but they will never be called “Hostess Twinkies” or “Hostess Cupcakes” ever again.

I hope you are all happy with yourselves.

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