November 12, 2012

Ahhh… a holiday off. It was a good, but busy, day. At least my running around is done for the most part so I can go enjoy my days off.

Let’s go back to yesterday first, since I forgot to mention a few things. Yesterday was rather busy with visitors starting around 10 or 11. I figured it might be so I did a few things then greeted people at the front gate and answered questions all day. One of the things I did was hit the beach early and hung out down there for a while and talked with a few early arrivals.

One group arriving was some kids that were possibly college Freshmen. They came dawn, had a look, then one of them asks me if I …”was ready to be entertained…”? I said “Uh-oh… do I have a choice?”, wondering just what the hell they were up to. Three of the guys started taking off their clothes and they proceeded to tell me that they were gonna jump in the water. Keep in mind that we are all bundled up in coats and hats and gloves watching them; it was about 40-45 degrees out.

Two of them got down to their swim trunks and proceeded to run toward the water and got dived in completely. Expletives were freely tossed around amongst our laughter and picture-taking. The third guy then ran toward the other two and clotheslined them and they all went under. More expletives were bandied about, this time accompanied with some shakes and shivers.

They dashed up to the shore and then they got dressed. They actually warmed up faster and better than I thought they would. We said “See ya” and they left and I wandered down the beach a bit to check things out. I have a video but cannot get it uploaded yet… I will keep trying.

Now… back to today. I mentioned a cellphone that was found yesterday and I was going to return it today. Well, I went over to P.A. since I needed to do some shopping anyhoo. I went to where the mom works and she came running at me all happy and thanked me and gave me a big ol’ hug as she was jumping up and down and did not let go of me for quite some time. She then told me she made a breakfast casserole and that she was going to fix me a plate.

She gave me a big scoop of this casserole, a couple of mini blueberry muffins, and a couple of homemade cookies. It was all quite delicious, so that took care of my plans to go to the casino. Oh well, maybe we will head there tomorrow.

I then went to the rec center. The kids were out of school today so they were hanging out at the pool. I did a workout first, then hit the pool and saunas for a bit, then left to go do laundry before a rousing time was spent at Walmart grocery shopping. I think from now on I will be avoiding the rec center when school is out as much as I can, and Saturday nights all the time.

I just made my take on a chicken Philly sandwich, which I have not made in a while. It turned out quite tasty and there are even leftovers for tomorrow. Yay I say!

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