Randomblings 6

One of the worst things about websites is the fact that they have opened them all up for the comments at the end by the usual Mensa Society rejects. Reading them you find out that there are some goddamned stupid people in this country. They blame only one person (and the wrong one) for ALL the problems in this country, and they have absolutely no clue how government works and refuse to accept it when someone tells them FACTS.

Go ahead… move to Canada. They have all the stuff there that you fight against the government doing here so please, write back and tell us how it is so different and how it is now okay that YOU have it.

And the people who want to secede from the Union. You can go ahead as well, whiners.

Better yet, all the self-righteous threatening to move to Canada will just go up there and really show their ignorance and try the same stupidity there, so just wait until the secession is done and move there. Leave Canada for those of us who understand how the world REALLY works.


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