November 11, 2012

It seems as though the owl that I saw Friday on beach clean-up duty was the first confirmed sighting in the county this year! There is one of the volunteers who I ran into Saturday morning who is not only a really nice guy, but he is also a big birder. He sneaks up on them and hides behind and in things to take pics, and he is pretty good at it: He was a little excited when I told him about the sighting so I sent him the picture I took. I got credited by him to in a posting he sent to the Audubon e-mail alert system. Pretty cool! We will possibly get a few birders coming out to take a look around for it as well. With this being a free weekend it is a good opportunity, but not sure about the weather tomorrow for the last day of the holiday weekend.

Day off tomorrow, but not sure what is happening yet. Gotta open up the Refuge in the morning, but after that no definite plans yet. Quite possibly heading to the casino with A couple of guys from work to see what is on the menu for the lunch buffet, and then maybe even waste a few coins in a machine or two. I am not really a big gambler, but don’t mind wasting a buck or two all in the name of fun. I would not turn my nose up at a jackpot, however.

Someone found a smartphone on the beach today and turned it in to me (well, not sure how “smart”… it was an Android…). I have found phones before and I was able to get a number out of the phonebook inside and find the owner, but this one was locked so I couldn’t. I called Sprint for help and they could not do anything except suggest taking it to the cops or to a corporate Sprint store many miles away.

Tonight, while watching “The Mighty Wind”, the phone got a text that had a phone number on it (and not just a name) so I called the number back. I think it kinda freaked out the kid on the other end more than a little so I had to hurry and explain to him the situation before he thought it was Jerry Sandusky calling him. He helped me out and contacted someone until finally I got a phone call from the girl who owns it. She was relieved, and described it to me in detail so I know it is hers. I am going to meet up with her mom tomorrow to give it to her so she can pass it along to her daughter. I am glad there was a happy ending to the story. If I lost my phone I would appreciate someone doing the same and going through all the extra trouble.

Pay it forward!

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