October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween everyone! I sure would love to eat some candy corn right now.

I am trying to cut back on sweets and get back into a different shape. I have been hitting salads more often, not eating too late, and I am definitely more active. I got a year pass to the rec center last night so I am going to visit that on a regular basis and get my money’s worth. The hot tub really helps my neck and back out, plus I am going to start hitting the equipment there too. Gotta stay healthy (and get healthier) since I don’t have health insurance to fall back on.

I had a money windfall that I was not expecting so instead of doing something stupid like, oh, saving it, I treated myself. I got a screaming deal on a brand new Fender Stratocaster (30% off a U.S.-made American Series “Highway One” model that was ALREADY marked down so I got it for nearly half off!), plus they threw in a hardshell case for free. I am selling three of my other guitars so that will offset some of that as well. I have four I brought out with me so it is time to clear some of ’em out! I hope Craigslist works some magic with them and finds them all a good home.

My new Strat!

My new Strat!

It sure is different playing a high-dollar guitar. My black Crate that I upgraded plays pretty nice but this is quite a bit different. It has “that” sound… the sound only a Strat has.

I hate clothes shopping, but had to go do that before I hit the music store. I do not mind spending the money, I just hate shopping. I went to an outdoor store to look at boots and I ended up getting some along with a good base layer shirt. I had clothes that were good for dry climates like Colorado, but here it is damp so I have to re-adjust things a bit. I hope I got it straight for now – decent outdoor clothes like I got are not cheap and being out in the rain working all day you have got to be comfy. I refuse to half-ass doing something – I learned long ago that to get quality merchandise that will last you need to spend a little more and it ends up being cheaper in the long run.

It is pretty cool… as I sit here writing this I can hear a ship’s foghorn bellowing in the Strait.

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