Randomblings 2

Tonight we get to move the clocks back an hour. I, personally, hate Daylight Savings Time. Leave the damn clocks alone… it is only an hour, and studies prove that it affects people adversely even though it is only an hour. I know it messes with me. Daylight Savings Time is used in fewer countries than the ones who are leaving the clocks alone. Why do we keep doing it? It saves very little in the way of energy – you are only going to have lights on in the morning if they are not on at night. Congress (or, so they do not confused with the Senate as many people do, the House of “Representatives”) will not get shit done to actually HELP the country and work together (you know which party that is… the one in control), but they are so worried about extending DST that they wasted time passing a law a few years back to do just that. Worthless bastards, but I digress. Here is an interesting link: http://www.livescience.com/18965-history-daylight-saving-time.html. Maybe one day we will see DST go away. I certainly hope sooner rather than later.

Please… get this election season over with.

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