Randomblings 1

“Randomblings” – a word I just coined seconds ago that is a combo of “random” and “ramblings”. In these pages I will just touch on a few topics of the day and add my take on them.

Hurricane Sandy – I sincerely hope that everyone who is in the path of this bitch is safe. If you are dumb enough to not heed the warnings and leave then you get what is coming to you. On top of that, when it is done, anyone who bitched about the government handouts people got before this ought to stay true to their convictions and not ask for government help with any type of relief (if they need it) just on principle alone. If it is not good enough for anyone else, then it is not good enough for you.

Honey Boo Boo, anything named Kardashian or Palin, Lance Armstrong. Please, NO MORE!!!! Nobody gives a rat’s ass.

To all the idiots with an empty chair in their front yard with an American flag… grow the hell up. What are you, two years old? Effing babies.

You don’t like Obama (or will not vote for him) because he is black? You are a RACIST. Plain and simple. Why not just admit it and get to the back of the bus whose next stop is back to the 1940s. If you do not vote for him because of that, then just “vote for the white half…” as my friend Paul says.

How many of you have ever dealt with an absolute prick for a boss? Have a look here and see if it sounds familiar: http://www.openforum.com/articles/9-surefire-ways-to-destroy-employee-morale. I bet everyone has experienced this in the past. I know I have and they possessed ALL of these at the same time. Something to REALLY be proud of.

Gasoline prices are ALREADY going up since they are shutting the refineries due to Hurricane Sandy. Gasoline in the pipeline NOT YET AFfECTED by this storm is being raised to gouge the consumers. Yeah… big business can regulate itself honestly. Crooked bastards, and they are just as crooked as the bastards who think they will regulate themselves honestly.

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