October 28, 2012

On the beach yesterday I saw a bald eagle, and I saw another one this morning. That is pretty cool, but someone said that they are so common here that it is not a big deal seeing them. It sounds like the same thing with wildlife in Colorado. I would see it all the time but people coming to the house would oooh and aaah about the deer and such. Nothing wrong with that but the newness does wear off at some point! It is cool to see an eagle, though.

I wonder… will Matt Lauer be written up for being late to work pulling his surfing stunt and not getting to work on time? Many employers do that, and I am thinking that his is no exception.

Went out with some friends to a pizza joint called Gordy’s that was pretty good – one of the best pizzas I have eaten. The crust was amazing, and to me that is what can make or break a pizza. Toppings are toppings. It was a good time. I ordered a potato pizza. Mmmmm.

Damn… this place is dark at night coming back down to the cabin.

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