October 27, 2012

How bizarre… I just got out of the shower and was heading to bed and I thought I would have one more quick look at the news online. There was an earthquake north of here off the coast of B.C. while I was in the shower and they sent out a tsunami warning to Alaska and Hawaii. Luckily I am off of the ocean and in the Strait of San Juan de Fuca so I am protected from one in that area. I did not notice anything and I did not get a warning or alert on the weather radio so I should be okay, plus I do not see any warnings for this area on any websites.

It was a 7.7 magnitude quake, with an aftershock of 5.8. I know many of you reading this could have experienced this before, but we did not have many in Colorado so this is new to me. I am not too freaked out by it; it is just something else new to experience in life.

It is ironic that this happened because we were just talking about this a week or so ago when they were doing a test of the alert system. I was told to get the hell outta here if the alarm goes off. I just looked up the evacuation route in case I need to skate. I am definitely in the Hazard Zone as they call it since my cabin is on a bluff overlooking the water. Looks like I do not need to go very far inland, but I gotta get away from the Spit and the cabin toot-sweet.

I never really thought about it until I saw an emergency card with the weather radio. After talking about it lately, and now this happening, I guess I did not really think about the Pacific Ring of Fire and the implications.

I sure do now.

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