October 13, 2012

Been a busy few days the last few days. I got my car registered in Washington and am waiting for my National Parks plates to arrive in the mail. Had to do some more shopping, and I will sure as hell be glad when I am done getting things and spending money. Had to go to the clinic the other day to get a bump looked at on my stomach. Possibly a spider bite or some type of bug they think, but it needed antibiotics to be safe because it was getting to looking quite angry. I had to pay out of pocket since I have no insurance, but if you pay at the time of service they knock 20% off right there. That helps a lot but is still a lot to pay out on the spot. I still need to look at some sort of health insurance options.

I also want to be done with things so I can go to Victoria, British Columbia on the ferry one day and maybe stay the night over there. I won’t take my car – I think I can just walk around over there and see and do plenty but I have to look into it more.

Today was beach clean-up day. A crew of volunteers gets on the beach at each mile marker and walks back towards the mainland picking up all the trash and debris they can find in their section. They do this every month on the first Saturday, but with the tides being so high we had to postpone it a week this month. They usually stop in September, but with the possibly large amounts of impending tsunami debris that will be hitting the beach soon we will be doing it all winter.

As I write this I am cooking up tonight’s dinner – my first taste of fresh Dungeness crab. An hour ago I was on a tiny boat in the bay with a guy from work checking crab pots… a much scaled-down version of “Deadliest Catch”. It was cool of Chris to ask me if I wanted to go see how it was done and of course I said “hell yeah!”.

(20 minutes later…)

Damn… that was SO good. No need to ruin it with butter and lemon. It has a sweet, light flavor and is good straight out of the shell. There is sure a lot to be said about seafood that fresh, and a delicious frosty pint was mighty good with it. Won’t ever get a burger like that! That WOULD be interesting, though.

I did not get to take any pics while I was out on the water… my iPhone was in my pocket behind the lifejacket and I did not want to worry about it since it was a bit choppy. Hate to see how good of an anchor the iPhone is anyhoo.

That is about all for now. Keep checking back and I will update soon – when something I think is cool happens, or when I have something profound to share. Gonna go watch an episode of “Top Gear” and maybe play a little guitar.

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    • We can definitely do that. I gotta practice first before i work on anything new, but I have been working on it!

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