October 9, 2012

Yesterday I took off and tried to make up some time I was over. On my days off I still have to open and close the gate, but if I go out of town then someone else will take care of it for me.

On the beach yesterday I saw something cool. One of the neighbors has a red biplane (no, that is not a plane that likes both jets and propellors) and he takes it out and kind of shows-off over the Spit when there are people out there. I was told he takes his wife out there and she does wing-walking. I can now verify that SOMEONE was wing-walking on the bi-plane. They put on a good show yesterday, doing flips, a hammerhead stall, loops… all sorts of things with someone on the wing. That was way cool.

Gonna be a busy weekend this weekend, with errands a-plenty to run. Hopefully I can get over to Canada in the next few weeks, but I got a call on my house today and I will sign the final selling papers next week, either, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday if all goes well.

Otherwise, today was a typical day shoveling this and fixing that, with nothing really too exciting happening so that is about all I have for now.

I do believe that it is now time for a beverage. It is my Friday! YAY!!!

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