September 28, 2012

An exciting day today. I am lying on a brand new queen mattress that was delivered today and they let me pick out. It is SO comfy. Had to do some laundry to wash sheets for the big move into my new home for the time being. Got most of it moved in, but still 1-2 loads in the Mule left but that should be about it. I will use the trailer to store my camping gear and a few more things for now that I cannot use here at the cabin.

Tomorrow I get to go out to the lighthouse solo. Hell yeah… I am pretty excited about that! I have not driven the Mule on the beach yet so this is a good test. I think my 4X4 skills will come in quite handy but I have to worry about the tides, and we did not have that too much at 12000 feet in the Rockies. It is 5 1/2 miles and 45 minutes out, do what I need to do, and get the hell out for the same return time and distance. I will finally get to see the lighthouse, and that will be so cool I am sure.

Next week I may get to go out to Protection Island. It is closed to the public but some things need done out there. I will get out there at some point, but it may be much sooner than I thought. They also have a landing craft that I hope to get to take an excursion on. They have a lot of cool toys here.

Well, I am off to sleep… I am tired and I have a really big day tomorrow. Damn this bed feels good…

Good night, John-boy…

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