Day Fifteen – September 24, 2012

I hated to leave this place today, but I have to try to go a bit further in order to get to my new place early enough to get things done before I start. I really had thought about doing a hike today and spendng one more night, but I think I should head out and see another place today.

I WILL be back here without a doubt. This has become one of my new favorite parks, and joins Zion, Mt. St. Helens, and Denali in that club. To walk through the rainforest was incredible. I kept expecting dinosaurs and Jeff Goldblum to appear from nowhere. All I would ask for is Laura Dern and that would suffice.

It was a drizzly, gray morning, but mild temperature-wise. I am not sure of my next destination, but am looking at the map trying to decide. A quick breakfast and I am on the road again.

I get closer to the coast and the wind picks up a bit and it cools down a little more. I am still on US 101 and it is a wonderful, relaxing drive thatbends up hugging the shoreline of this large, deep turquoise blue, gorgeus mountain lake. I stopped to get gas and got gouged for $4.57 a gallon. Effing bastards.

I finally decide to just push on to Sequim, where my new job is. This gives me plenty of time to get my business taken care of and to clear up any problems in time that may arise so I can vote. It is a beautiful area, with farmland sandwiched between the mountains and the water.

Sequim, WA

I show up, introduce myself, and get introduced to my new co-workers in the office and was shown around the facilities a bit. Imneeded my new address for mail and got that, then I got some local info on where to go and get tags and such and left… but not before going to look at the refuge.

The trail leading to the Refuge was thick with trees, ferns, and plants of all sorts. It was a beautiful walk and took me right past my new home – the caretaker cabin. It looks very cozy from the outside and I cannot wait to see it on the inside.

Main Trail

This is my commute every day

Caretaker cabin

This is home for the next 6 months

I walked on down the trail and the trees started to open up into sky so I knew I was getting closer. I went a bit farther and got my first glimpse of The Dungeness Spit, the main part of the Refuge. It was absolutely beautiful. I am so very fortunate to get this opportunity.

I walked on down onto it and there are huge driftwood trees on the shore. They are really huge peices of driftwood. Looking way out on the end of the spit I could see the lighthouse. It is a long way out there, and I will make the trek to it at least once before I leave here.

Driftwood on The Spit – DNWR

I went into the town of Sequim and looked around and got my address changed so I should get a huge stack of mail shortly since mine has been on hold for three weeks. It is a big town – well, in relation to Bailey, anyhoo. It has a main street full of businesses of every sort. Found places that I need to visit tomorrow, such as State Farm and Wells Fargo.

After that, I came back to the county park next to the Refuge and got the trailer parked for the last few nights of camping in it. It has been a blast and a real experience. There may be a few more nights out in it before my parents come get it next Spring, but our extensive travel together is pretty much done and it has served me well. Any other trips will be weekend runs to the NW coast, but there is. Lot to see and do just a short drive away for a few hours and I can come back home that night.

I am going to really enjoy this new job, and Washington is now my new home. I traveled around and saw many places, but this state has a lot to offer. Who knows? I might just stay here.

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