Day Sixteen – September 25, 2012



Tonight I sit looking at an incredible railroad bridge in Railroad Bridge Park that crosses the Dungeness River here in Sequim (pronounced “Skwim”). The bridge is incredibly built from giant beams from the big ass trees up here. The bridge is actually part of the Olympic Discovery Trail that goes from Sequim to Port Angeles. I may have to get my bike over here after I get all the crap out of my car so I can haul it. It looks like a beautiful ride or hike.

I spent today discovering things around the area and getting my insurance changed and my Washington driver’s license. I am officially no longer a Colorado resident, even though I have not been one for nearly three weeks. I have to wait a few weeks to get tags due to the taxes… long story that I will not bore you with the details of. I found the ferry harbor that goes to Canada when I was in Angeles getting my DL and registering to vote. I found other interesting places to boot.

There are many types of wood available in this area

Here in Sequim there are a lot of businesses – Costco, Walmart, at least 3 or 4 major grocery stores, plenty of dining choices from fast to casual (and others that I have not yet discovered yet)… a lot to choose from for a lot of things. I like it here already. It is laid back but different than mountain towns. Kind of an interesting cross between an ocean town and a mountain town. Gotta find a chiro and/or massage therapist tomorrow.

Everyone up here that I dealt with today is very nice. DL line went fast and the people behind the desk were patient and nice to deal with and did not mind having a conversation with you. That was a nice change from what we dealt with in CO.

It was a perfect day here today – sunny and just beautiful. You can definitely feel the difference over by the Refuge… it is much cooler over there.

Well back to the trailer for the night. Getting cold in shorts and a t-shirt here by the river and I need to fix some dinner. Just wanted to post a few updates where I had good signal to do it.

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