Aloha and Mahalo, Hawai’i!

It is a bit warm outside as I sit in the airport typing this entry waiting for my flight to go back home. My rental car had 82 on the thermometer when I dropped it off, and with the humidity it is getting pretty warm to me.

This has been a great trip. I accomplished my goals of getting my boating certifications, and I had some time to explore the island. I also made a few new friends in a beautiful place that I had not been before.

The food was really good. That Spam sushi was something I am going to have to figure out how to make. I am hooked on that stuff. And Leonard’s… had one last visit (my seventh, I believe) for breakfast this morning and got a pineapple roll for the plane.

Most everyone I met were very friendly. For a touristy place that is busy, traffic runs pretty well.

The weather… What can you say about 75-80 degrees every day? It got pretty warm due to the humidity when it got to the 80s. That is why they make air conditioners, though. And the ocean.

I accomplished a few firsts – first trip to Hawai’i, first time snorkeling, and my first time in a tropical location.

Every place you visit has its own downsides. Here it was expensive for things at the grocery store. Want a gallon of milk? Plan on a fiver and change. Cheap old white hamburger buns? That’ll be three bucks, thank you. Gas was $3.75-4.00 a gallon. Luckily I got to stay in the Service’s bunk house or that would have been maybe $140 a night.

I can definitely see coming back here at some point in the future and revisiting some people and places and exploring another island or two as well.

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