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Wow. There’s actually moisture falling from the sky. Glad I was able to get some mowing/mulching in this morning before it started. It’s been pretty dusty running the mower so this rain will help with that.

Perhaps I can burn some brush piles tomorrow since it is wet and supposed to get wetter. Living in the mountains for many years makes me leery of burning much. The bigger pile I started to move but it is just too much to move. I was hoping to save a few logs out of the pile but the wood is rotten and it’s a tangled mess of branches. I’ll be burning it where it lies.


Friday I got the trailer over for the warranty work and they had it done in just a few hours. Unfortunately, I was already home so I went back the next day to pick it up. They got the loose cabinets tightened up and the leaking hatch was caused by a nail stuck under the hinge, keeping the door from closing completely.

They did a leak test and all was well – it seals up tight now. It was probably there when it was built but it was an odd place for a nail to be. On the other hand, these are good things to know in case of future problems. It’s good to have these little bits of knowledge in your “fix-it” arsenal.

I got the trailer floor swept and the mat is lying on some stuff, getting cleaned by a gentle rain. That mat just stops dirt and keeps it. It’s hard to clean good so a nice soaking in the rain will clean it pretty good. I had taken towels out to wash so I have to get those put back in. I had just washed the sheets so I don’t need to worry about that for a bit longer after only a couple days of camping.

Tomorrow I have to put a few things back in that I took out before taking it in for service. One of the most important things I keep in the trailer is a small dehumidifier. I use it constantly to keep my trailer in good condition inside. It’s on whenever I have shore power hooked up, whether I am traveling or it’s parked.

When I get that all inside stuff taken care of I will do some dusting then mop the floors. I think I will be putting some sort of protective material down in the passthrough to keep the hitch and stabilizers from damaging the floor.

I really like my trailer. It is so much better than the Scotty, but the Scotty was 15 years old. The GeoPro has a real air conditioner that handles the heat. It is fiberglass-type on the outside so it doesn’t heat up, plus the insulation helps with cold and hot.

Yeah I looked at the new ones and they have a few cool improvements that I had to see (plus a couple of models I have not seen), but I am totally happy with mine. I am still getting used to it and learning about a few more things.

Thinking about travel the nice thing about staying in state park or National Park campgrounds or National Forests is twofold to me. First, there’s no pools or camping five feet from your neighbor. You can find and have solitude and peace along with the ability to do what you want.

Second is the fact that you don’t have to travel anywhere to look at or be in nature. Step out of your tent or RV and you’re in the woods. Go for a hike, skinny-dip in a lake or stream, sit in the sun and read a book…whatever works for you.


I saw an article that said the FDA is warning people to not eat cantaloupe because of salmonella risk. I have said for years to not eat cantaloupes because they taste and smell nasty AF. Salmonella just backs up my research that they should not be eaten.


My alarm-free mornings are a big hit! I actually feel like I’m retired now. I had to set one Saturday morning to get up early to go get my trailer but that was the first one in quite a while.

I do still wake up early but this morning I slept in and it was late for me. But I’ve had a busy few days so I got rested. I find that I do things during the day but it is usually a few hours of more strenuous activities then do other things that need to be done at a leisurely pace.


I got my oat bars made today. They turned out pretty good but I made them differently; instead of making them as bars, I used a muffin pan and liners so they were already portioned. The way I made them they are thick but it’s a 9-portion recipe and that’s how I made it. I think next time I could make them smaller but make more. I will also put frozen berries in it instead of fruit spread to try something different. I may do that tomorrow since it’s supposed be rainy again. It’s sounding like a good indoor day.


That’s it for now. See ya next time.


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