Weather…Ahhh…; Let’s Do Some Shots! Trailer

The weather has been really nice lately, with temps at night in to the mid-50s/60s F. It looks like some more 90° F weather next week but I think that will be that last of the really hot stuff.


I did a shot this morning at 8:30 AM. No, it wasn’t booze, and that’s a bit early even for me 😁 (and I usually don’t drink too much these days other than wine or a pint). I started my twice-a-month cholesterol injections today and I should see a pretty quick drop in my levels within a few weeks. I have to get levels checked in my blood in six weeks or so and I feel that is pretty fast.

I was really dreading doing this and really pushed back on it earlier this year. I hated needles when I was a kid but they were huge in those days. Even all the needles with my assorted surgeries the past 5-7 years didn’t really bother me much, but I was a bit freaked out with this.

It’s not like I enjoy needles but this ended up being not too horrible at all; using the plastic injection device was pretty easy – no syringes or vials – plus it’s once every 14 days. And, we have to do what we have to do to stay healthy and alive.


I have been moving a few things around in the trailer after removing some things I did not need. There were some things I thought I could use in it but ended up couldn’t/didn’t.

I did some re-thinking on the front exterior storage and how to use it better. I have all my set-up items in there for when I get to a camping spot. It’s handy, close by, and when I take the hitch off the truck I can out that heavy thing in where the set-up items are stored when not in use.

Having the equalizer hitch helps towing so much with shifting the weight on the trailer and I can move some things from the truck into the trailer storage. That gives me lots of room for the generator, dog crates & food, and my cooler (which goes up front when I use it). The dogs have more room on the folded back seat to sprawl out on the road traveling. I can also save some fuel when I unhook the truck to go sightsee. All that weight stays put at camp.

I have to construct some blocks for the stabilizer jacks. You have to crank them a long way down to hit the ground since the trailer sits so high up. You can buy heavy plastic ones but they are pretty proud of them. Hmmm…that makes me think about something…maybe I should look at some jack stands if I can find some tall enough. I can use them for other things too!

I had the Scotty in a really horrible State Park campsite a few years ago and I almost did not get it level. The site was a great site – quiet with nice views – that I took on a recommendation from the Park Office lady I paid my fees to. It was small and big enough for the trailer but not the truck so the front was pretty low; so low that I couldn’t unhook the truck. I finally got it done but it took all the blocks I had to make it barely work.

With the Rockwood being 6’ longer I would have had problems trying to set up in that campsite. I really think I would have had to move to a different site. I want to be prepared next time if that happens again.


That’s all I’ve got for now. Enjoy your weekend!


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