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I just about got the yard completely mowed but had to stop. Fighting that wet grass is tough going and it is slow. I finally had to stop as my asthma started getting wound up.

But, I should be able to knock it out tomorrow no problem. Just a small patch in the back yard is all that’s left. I need to do one more round with the sprayer to catch the stuff I couldn’t get to. Stuff be withering between being poisoned and the stifling heat.


Here it is:

It’s New! It’s Improved!

I ran to the store to get a few things, and some of those things were croissants for breakfast sandwiches and some ciabattas.

I got home and, as I microwaved my shredded Italian chicken, I split a ciabatta and tossed it into the toaster for a little crispy chew.

When it was toasted up nicely I put tomato pesto on the ceiling and on the floor I put a little bit of shredded mozzarella, some chicken, a little bit more mozzarella, then two tomato slices. Garnished on top and the plate with some basil.

This was a delicious upgrade from my original version. Much easier to eat with the chicken shredded. A couple of things – I had no basil pesto (which I prefer), but the tomato one was okay on it. I also didn’t have real mozzarella pearls or slices so it was shredded. I also wish I’d had a basil plant for fresh leaves.

But the heat I originally tasted in the chicken seasoning was not as prevalent on the sandwich, perhaps due to the pesto and tomato calming it down. It was seasoned pretty damn nicely.

For a quick throw-together it was mighty delicious. I am certain this will be the new version of my sandwich but with the touches I originally used but didn’t have.


I just saw something very disturbing. Something so disturbing I am still processing it.

A Walmart commercial with AC/DC’s “Dirty Deeds” playing for the music. Horrible. A horrible, horrible day for music.


Yes, I still have the trailer. I know I’ve been quiet about that lately, but I have it pretty well dialed in. I still need to get a rear camera and get the TPMS set up for the trailer but otherwise I’m in good shape. I have a good system for set-up & year-down and have storage organized to make sense.

It’s been too hot to do much in the trailer right now but I also really need to get this grass finished up and the weeds touched up. Shouldn’t be but 30 minutes or so of mowing left and doing the spraying maybe another hour tops. Then it’s all done for now.

I’m going to end up with a few extra parts that I no longer need so I’ll get those listed and try to get a few bucks out of the stuff.


That’s all for today’s post. Thanks for reading.


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