Camping World Blows

So here’s the long version of the trailer saga.

The Kansas City Legends location of Camping World is so bad they should be out of business.

I took my trailer in for an insurance repair estimate. Had an appointment a week ago yesterday to drop it off. Seems pretty straightforward as I have had to get estimates before.

But no…it gets really stupid.

A service appointment with Camping World is NOT like taking your car in for work at a shop. With ANY OTHER COMPANY, you make an appointment and that’s when you know work will start. Instead of Camping World realizing, like every other place, you have an appointment so we better get someone assigned to it, Camping World makes an appointment but it’s ONLY to drop it off. It then sits there waiting for DAYS for someone to be assigned to work on it.

I dropped off my trailer and then it took 3-4 DAYS for a tech to even get dispatched to start looking at it. But then, the assigned tech got pulled away for something/someone else more important so after a week my trailer was never even looked at.

Apparently, that’s another thing they pull – people that come in and wait get the priority service. Perhaps a $100k RV is more important than repairing my $10k trailer that has been waiting.

Now to top it off I was told this is how corporate wants them to do things. Fine. Camping World can suck it and they will never see any of my business again.

I picked it up and brought it home, and now I’m back at square one.

That’s what has been happening with this cluster the past week.


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