WITAF, Trailer Water System, Hell

After staying home for nearly a week crept a quick trip to town on Day 6 to get meds), I got out to get a few groceries today. I saw something at Aldi that was really nasty.

This dude was standing by the produce aisle getting some veggies. Pretty standard behavior in the produce department I’d say. Then, he reached into his beard and pulled out something that appeared to be a bug. Not standard behavior in the produce department.

He throws whatever it was on the floor, then proceeds to lift his shirt up and starts inspecting his body, pulling more bugs off and tossing them on the floor. I could not believe that I was seeing this. He just didn’t care who saw it since I was walking past him as he stood there and pulled livestock outta his beard.

Are you serious? WTF is wrong with people these days? If you gotta pull bugs off your body you need to stay home…perhaps grab a bath and make it a habit. Don’t do that shit in public, especially in the store. Have some respect for yourself and others.


Last year after I winterized the water system in the trailer I left the low-point drains open as always. This is the lowest point in the system and it drains all of the water out to avoid freezing and bursting the system, but especially the lines.

I thought I had closed all of the drain valves last week but one appeared to still be open and dripping. I went in the trailer to check it and it appears to be closed. I’m not sure what’s going on to let it drip but there may be something in the valve keeping it from closing, like a big or a chunk of something that came loose.

I’m glad I caught this now. I think that instead of replacing these little drain valves inside, I’m going to put in new valves under the trailer. It will be easier to access that way. It’s going to be an inexpensive fix and should be simple. I don’t really like the cheap valves in it so I can put in something of better quality.


My allergies turned into something worse – a sinus infection and a respiratory infection. Sunday I started getting concerned since I deal with this every year and have to be careful. I had to call my doctor’s office for a nurse consultation and she hooked me up with cough meds and antibiotics.

But I’m on the mend now and am getting around doing a few things after being fairly laid out for about four days. I’m still pretty worn down but getting my energy back. I did a bit of mowing earlier but had to scrub the mission – got tired and out of breath pretty quickly, plus the pollen counts are very high today – even worse than last week.

That’s about all the excitement I can dish out for today. Thanks for reading!


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