Achoo, Weather, My Dogs, Something New

Allergy season appears to be kicking in high gear. Watering, itchy eyes and lots of sneezing. I was hoping the rain would clear the air out but it’s not working out like that. I’d hate to think how bad it’d be without allergy meds.


The day started out rainy, then the rain gave way to fog as the temperature started rising. It looks like there’s finally a welcome break from the rain coming up; I still need to get things done outside so come on dry weather!


My dogs need to be outside more, but on top of the muddy yard I have been finding ticks on them so not much outside time. I have scheduled a visit to the vet for their heart worm testing & meds as well as flea & tick meds.


I got away and into town after the fog lifted a bit. I had to go get a few supplies and get something for my eyes to help with the allergies. Before that, though, it was time to try out a new restaurant.

That meant today is a splurge day on my diet. It’s been a few weeks since I had a splurge and today’s splurge is a good one.

I came across a new place in Leavenworth, KS called Cafe 5ive. It’s a New York-style deli with East Coast food. They have Philly steaks, buffalo chicken bacon ranch sandwiches, cannolis, fried Oreos and one of my pre-bypass surgery favorites – the Monte Cristo. One thing they had on the menu I had never had but have heard of – the chopped cheese. I must try that.

Chopped cheese sandwich

The roll on this sandwich was delicious. Great chew to it and it was grilled so it was even more delicious. The sandwich has a chopped beef that is not real similar to a Philly even though it looks like one. There was onion, lettuce, tomato, American cheese and, oddly, ketchup. It also comes with mayonnaise on it but I don’t eat that nastiness – can’t stand it. I know this sandwich sure sounds like a Philly but is quite different. Nice and cheesy with a great flavor. I’d eat it again but they have a few other things I’ll go try first.

A nice discovery of another new place to eat something that I haven’t eaten before. Unfortunately there’s no website to add a link to.


That’s today’s post!


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