March 18th, 2023 – Road Trip to St. Joseph

I woke up this morning and it was cold and windy, with windchills in the teens. The weather gurus on the only broadcast station I get with news says this should be about the last of the cold weather. Still…grrr…

As I often do, I decided at the last minute to take a drive someplace. Granted it was not the best day to go on an adventure to sightsee, but I really needed to get out of the house. I mean REALLY.

I debated on where to go even as I pulled out of the driveway, finally deciding to go to St. Joseph, MO. I have been through there numerous times on I-29, but never stopped; I was always on a mission to get someplace else. Today it was my destination.

St. Joseph has quite the history, being the birthplace of legendary newsman Walter Cronkite, actress Jane Wyman, and the Cherry Mash candy bar. Buffalo Bill Cody and Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain) spent time in the area and I had no idea they both rode for the Pony Express. One thing I had on my list of places to see was the Pony Express Station in “St. Joe” as it is sometimes called.

I followed the Apple Maps directions and got into town. The old part where the destination is has definitely been around a while. Many old houses and buildings, with what looks to be some old factories that have been turned into lofts. Some run-down areas and empty buildings, it would have been cool to see when things were booming.

I went in and paid my admission and found friendly staff. The museum is very well organized and the exhibits are nicely done with a lot of great interpretive signage. There is also a gift shop. I learned quite a bit walking through. Check out the gallery below:

If you are interested in history like this then this place is a good stop for you. St. Joe and the surrounding areas have plenty of stuff to see & do and places to stay for a weekend destination.

I went out and got the dogs out of the truck to stretch their legs. It ended up being a quick stretch as it was very cold and windy. I didn’t have my winter gloves so my hands started to hurt from the cold.

Across the street from the museum is a city park that has a huge stream locomotive in it. I do like history and I do like old trains. Of course I had to go check that out.

The huge driver wheels on the train were as tall as I am. Far from the biggest steam train ever made, it was still a pretty large locomotive. It would probably be even bigger if it wasn’t so damn cold out here!

We hopped in the truck and I just drove around the block as there was something else I wanted to see. I saw an interesting old sign as I was first driving into the neighborhood and I wanted to go check it out some more. I did not realize it is in the parking lot of another part of the Pony Express Museum. It’s actually on the backside of the Museum.

The old motel sign is really cool and reminds me of the unique historical things I saw on Route 66. I did not go in the building. I wanted to go explore and work my way back home for lunch (saving my dining out splurge for later!).

I circled back around the block, went a block north then turned east. I saw a blue sign along the street for the Patee House Museum and Jesse James’ house (odd, since brown is usually for historical places). I drove up the hill and there it was – a pretty big old hotel building.

I went in and paid the small admission fee. This is a pretty impressive museum with lots of history of the area and very nice displays of a day in the life back in the 1800s. There’s a lot to see and read do allow a few hours.

I walked a block east because I saw something of interest:

There’s more information about the tea house on the Patee House website.

Across the street were these old buildings I found interesting:

They look to be duplexes but they are old and cool!

You know, these places might not be the Lincoln Memorial or the Grand Canyon but there’s interesting things to find if you a) expand your horizons, and b) don’t try to just “bag” the big experiences, ESPECIALLY for social media; enjoy ANY experience!

Oh, and c)…stop living your vacations for Instagram and Facebook.

Live them for YOU. You just might enjoy your vacations more.

Thank me later.

Thanks for taking the time to read about today’s adventures.


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