Crikey!, A Good Day, Something I Saw Today, Laundering Money, Disposing of More Stuff, A Walk

Sitting on the porch swing today. And…it’s 63° F. Bright sunshine through a few clouds, but windy and just a slight bit cool. But, I do have the windows open to air out the house some. Didn’t take real long to get it aired out and cooled down. It started to get a little RTOO cool inside.

It has been a very productive day today and that’s a good feeling. I hope the weather stays decent but I know it’s going to cool back down.

This morning I went to do laundry. One cool new thing there is you can now pay to do laundry through your phone at the laundromat I go to and that will be very handy. There’s no app so it’s kinda clunky; QR codes are how you pay, but you can do Apple Pay so it is secure. Guess I’ll be saving my quarters in a jar. Works for me!

I usually wait in my truck while the washer is going, then I dry them at home. Today, as I waited, in my rearview mirror I saw an old dude walking up the sidewalk smoking so much he looked to be ablaze. He was huffing and puffing walking up the slight incline of the sidewalk. Then I noticed what looked to be a portable oxygen concentrator slung over his neck! That’s as insane as the hardcore ones that smoke through a hole in their throat…CAUSED BY SMOKING!!!

I see some of the weirdest things.

I got home from washing clothes and parked the truck outside so while I dried clothes I could bring stuff up to stage outdoors to make more room in the basement. It was too nice to NOT do it while I can.

First, I got the recycling loaded up on the back of the truck. I wanted to make sure it all went and then I figured any leftover space would be filled with donations. It really made a difference downstairs; much more than I really had expected it would. The truck is full but not packed tight. I got everything in there I wanted to and more. I now have an empty table to sort on and a place underneath to store the garbage.

After that I took a walk back to the pond and woods with the dogs and they are loving this. I know they like being out and running at Meghan’s house with all the room they have and they are happily doing it today. They are tired now so they are laying on the porch living the life. Rotten animals.

That grass is tall, and the dogs picked up some seeds on their fur. Of course, I had brushed them this morning and then we walked. But I knew it would happen and it’s cool. Their playing is more important. They can go back to being “All that!” later. 🤣🤣🤣

After walking through the cheeks-deep grass, I’m going to probably take my neighbor up on his offer to mow the field if I buy his fuel. I cannot even cut a path in that stuff with my trusty push mower. It was so thick you could not push the mower into it to cut it.

Then to finish up I went out by the road to pick up some trash. Hard to believe that with the winds we had today the stuff stayed put. It wasn’t too much stuff but it needed to be picked up and the yard-garbage fairy never stopped by to take care of it.

It really felt good to get a walk in, get some exercise and light up the Activity Rings on my watch. It’s been way too long since the dogs and I went for a decent walk and it was nice to spend time outside and getting stuff done. I cannot walk on the road out front; it’s a very busy county highway, and during the summertime the chewing insects are ravenous anywhere they can get to, and it’s usually NOT where you want them.

There’s just two days left of this year. It’s gone by unbelievably fast to me. Be careful out there on Amateur’s Night!

Thanks for reading.

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