August 7th, 2022

There’s an Australian kid show on TV that is so good I have to mention it. It’s hilarious and even adults love it – myself included. In fact, there’s even an article about it’s popularity on NPR’s website today and that’s why I bring it up.

The show is called Bluey and you have to see it even if you don’t have kids. It’s really unlike any kid’s show you have ever seen. It’s so funny that I laugh outloud at many things on the show. It’s about a family of dogs, and after reading the article I discovered that they are Blue Heelers, hence the name.

Yesterday I was driving down a highway and saw a bright orange sign that I thought was for construction. Far from it. As I drew closer I saw it was a hand-painted fluorescent orange sign that said “U honk, we drink!”. My kind of partiers! Of course, I had to honk to help them justify this morning’s hangover. As I passed by & honked a few people hoisted their beers and had a swig. My job here was done…but I still kept honking!

Today I took a trip to Kansas City’s Country Club Plaza to go to the Apple Store.

The Plaza is an upscale area – totally not my kind of place or people, but it’s where the store is. Places like a Rolex store and many other upscale shopping and dining stops as well.

Kansas City’s sister city is Seville, Spain. It’s a pretty big tourist destination in the city. The architecture reflects that influence and 80 miles of lights for the Winter holidays decorate the buildings and attract many thousands of people (and dollars).

It was a hot day outside (in fact, it’s 11:30 PM as I finish this and the comfort index is still 90!). I went to the store about 30 minutes early and there was one person in line but it was too hot to stand there so I went back to the truck. I went back about 11:50 and there were about 50 people in line and the store was handing out water. It went fairly fast so I didn’t have to wait outside very long.

Missouri has had a sales tax-free weekend that ends today so I wanted to take advantage of it. I decided that an iPad doesn’t do quite as much as I wanted. It does most things I need but there’s a few things I need it to do that it won’t; it’s not a computer…it’s a big iPhone. I do like it so don’t get me wrong. I just cannot store my music, videos, and pictures anywhere besides the cloud and access them or have a physical backup of my stuff and I want to make sure I have them all locally stored. I love some of the tech but I want that backup for peace of mind.

I still had a keyboard, mouse and trackpad from my old Mac plus I have a TV to use as a monitor so I decided to save some money and buy a Mac Mini instead of an iMac. Basically it’s the guts of an iMac in a small box and I use my own keyboard and such. It’s odd not seeing a Mac screen after owning desktop Macs most of the last 17 years, but it’s awesome saving $700-800!

As I walked to the Apple Store I came across this place:

I’m just at a loss for words…except for WTF

Apparently I have been violating fashionista protocol and not wearing my shirts tucked in. This place in the picture sells shirts you can leave untucked. Yeah, that’s a thing. 🤦🏼‍♂️ Given the location and the people in the area I bet those are spendy shirts. Guess I need to start tucking my shirts in unless I shop at this place.

I’ll be making more trips into downtown and will post pictures when I do. It’s changed quite a lot in the years I’ve been gone, but some things are still there and there are things to see & do – some old and some new. And food. Can’t forget about eating.

I am coming up on ten years of blogging next month. Hard to believe, but yeah…ten years. I have had quite the adventures during the last decade. I am looking forward to many more.

I saw another travel blogger with a blog anniversary and she posted questions from her readers with her answers. I thought that was a cool idea. Of course if you have questions about anything I post like places or recipes (or questions about other things) please don’t hesitate to reach out and send a message by commenting. They don’t post unless I approve them so they won’t be seen by anyone until I okay them.

That’s it for today. Time for bed. Thanks for stopping by.

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