January 21st, 2022

Grrr… or, should I say “Brrr”.

I say both.

We are trapped in another cold snap. Felt like -2° F this morning. It’s going to warm up a bit over the next few days. That’s a good thing for a few reasons: 1) I am sick of this nonsense, and 2) I need to fix a few things on the trailer.

The wind caught the door and it swung and broke the electric outlet on the outside of my trailer a few days ago. I could not get the parts fast enough to fix it before the snow fell (again) so I had to cobble together a temporary seal to keep water out.

I found an awesome RV supply place locally that has anything you need to work on or modify an RV of most any kind. They had the parts I needed so I got them but it’s too cold to fix it right now. They are called Thomas & Sons RV Supply. No, I am not being paid by them – just trying to help them out.

While there I asked the guy about the electrical system in my trailer and why it’s not charging the battery when I am hooked up to shore power. He pointed me in the direction of what to look for and I found the issue – a bad in-line circuit breaker for the charge converter. While searching for that problem I found another issue with a cable needing fixed on the back of the converter. I think I got that taken care of but I need to get back inside the compartment and double-check the connection. I am really thinking this charging converter has not done a day’s work in a long time because with the bad breaker it never comes on. I now I have had issues with it for a long time.

I guess getting that fixed means I spent that money on a pricey battery charger/maintainer and didn’t need to had I understood the electrical converter system better. If I had only asked a shop along the way. But, I will be sporting Thomas & Sons RV Supply while in this area.

With my questions answered and my new voltmeter at the ready I hope to get the battery charging issue resolved in the next few days – as soon as it warms up, the winds die down and I can feel my fingers. I know I need to fix a few wire connections on that battery-mounted breaker that’s in there but I think I will quite possibly need to just replace it as well.

It’s nice to have someone local to support with my dollars and also have some very knowledgeable people to ask questions of and get answers & parts if necessary. Honestly, my experiences with the customer service of American companies has been horrible the last few years and I’m tired of it. If you don’t want to help me spend money with your company I will take my business elsewhere. I get no return calls or emails when I send a request right from their own contact/feedback page. This place actually took the time to answer my emails and help (within 15 minutes); just as it should be. And I ran right over to get the part if they treat customers like that.

This morning…there I was. Standing there, minding my OWN business. Then the orange cat found me. The cat has taken a liking to me and just rubs all over my ankles until I pet him. I walk over by the cat tree and he jumps up, his li’l orange paw outstretched…trying to bring me near. By the face no less.

But today, he did something new. He crawled up my leg like it was a tree. He didn’t dig in too bad, but this is a grown-ass cat and I still felt his mouse-slaying claws in my leg. And he’s not a tiny one either. Glad I did not have shorts on when he did that.

That’s about all the excitement for this post.

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