July 17th, 2021

What the…

The tree above is called a “monkey puzzle tree”. I did not know much about them other than there are a few around the area that I have seen in various places – you cannot miss something that unique.

I had to know more so I did look them up and they are from South America. It can grow up to 150 feet tall with a 7’ diameter trunk and, get this, can live for 700 years or more and up to 1000! It is a prehistoric tree that dates back 210 MILLION YEARS! Crikey!

I got more caulking done on the trailer today after a trip to do laundry and get a couple of things from the store. I’ll be working on it more tomorrow and now that I am getting better at doing it it’s going faster so I can be done with it this week hopefully. I got one of the storage compartments sealed up, a window, and one side of the front. The rear window is the only window left but I need to find out about getting it fixed so I will check into that before I seal it up in case it needs to be removed to fix it. I am hoping the wind dies down tomorrow so I am not getting hit with it all day while trying to get it finished.

The winds are still blowing, both literally and figuratively. It just won’t stop and I hate being out in the wind while trying to work on the trailer. We need rain pretty badly and the snowpack in the mountains is all gone now and the winds just dry things out quicker. Might be a scary Summer and Fall until we get some precipitation and the fire danger is extremely high. It has been averaging around 60° F here so it has been very pleasant as opposed to the 100° F weather we had a few weeks ago.

I am still planning on getting away someplace in the next week or two after I get some appointments out of the way. Cardiac rehab is the biggest hurdle to doing so but it is going good. I am learning some things about exercises and diet that I needed more info on. I feel confident I won’t need to go for the full 12 weeks and quite possibly even less.

I should be able to start riding my bike again in a few weeks so that will help with my exercise regimen. That will be strange to do. I won’t be riding to town anytime soon though. It’s hard to believe it has been almost three months since my bypass surgery and nearly six since my heart attack. My chest is still tingling & numb and that gets annoying since it seems to change all the time.

The new iPad and keyboard cover are awesome. I have been using it and trying to learn some new things about it, especially using the Apple Pencil. It is odd not having an old-school computer but I think I can make this work pretty well; it’s just a different way to use a computer. This tablet has plenty of power and a much better keyboard than my MacBook Pro did.

I am starting to replace my DVDs with digital downloads when I find them on sale. This also gives me a chance to see what DVDs I can get rid of. It also gives me a chance to revisit movies I used to like to see if I still like them enough to replace but I am certain that I won’t replace them all. Digital copies are sure a lot easier and some have special editions that are not available anywhere else.

That’s it for today’s entry.

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