August 10th, 2020

Northbound I-15 between Butte and Helena

Today I went on a road trip. I really had the need to get away for a few hundred miles so I did. I have been cooped up for a week trying to get over this damn cold/respiratory infection I got. I am feeling better, although not 100%, but I am not sitting around another day. The air quality still sucks but I turned on the recirculate function in the truck to keep the nasties out.

I went toward Butte. I just wanted to drive, but eventually you will end up someplace and that was the first place I ended up. I masked up, put on my gloves, went and looked at some travel trailers – just to see what is out there and what’s new. They are certainly different than mine, but mine has everything I need.

I didn’t go into the city center. It is a historic area but I’m not stopping in anywhere to see anything inside so I didn’t feel the need to go. Yeah, I can drive around and look at things but I have seen lots of historic mining towns in Colorado and other areas so no need to stop. They are all pretty much the same, but maybe some other time or if I am with someone who has never been there.

In Butte there is a giant strip mine called the Berkeley Pit. I remember years ago driving through and stopping to see it. It is one big polluted toxic hole in the planet. How fortunate you can pay to see a place so poisonous that birds land on the water in the pit and they die. Click on the link to find out some amazing facts, but one thing they mention is that they have mined, yes MINED, copper out of JUST THE WATER! No, humans are not bad for the planet…

I decided to drive up to Helena via I-15. It wasn’t that far and it was a nice drive through the mountains. I poked around there for a little and decided to head back out. I was going to backtrack about 20 miles or so and take a scenic route that I took a month or so ago.

I did see some signs along I-15 that were a little bothersome. The first one I saw was for the Merry Widow Health Mine. With a name like that how can you resist that? I fought off temptation and saw another sign or two. Finally, a fourth sign I saw offered clarification…it said they were RADON MINES!! What in the actual hell are people thinking? IT’S RADIOACTIVE GAS!!! They are touting health benefits but I am not going to buy that BS. It causes lung cancer! I’ll put up with pain and use my other natural remedies.

It took more than a few miles to get past the shock of what I just saw. I got to my turn for the scenic route out of Boulder, MT and it was a beautiful day to drive it. As I drove along enjoying the scenery a message popped up on my watch. It was from a stargazing app I have and it wanted to remind me of some celestial happening. I was shocked yet again…

Is this asstronomy?

Last time I took this drive I saw a historic church that I wanted to stop at but figured I would the next time and this was the next time. I love history and I appreciate architecture of the building regardless of what it signifies; I see it as an interesting and beautiful building.

It was so good to get out of the trailer for the day. I still hope to get out WITH the trailer soon, but just a day-long drive in the mountains is what I need sometimes. This was one of those times. I continued on and got back to my trailer. It’s suppertime and I think it will be pasta tonight.

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