June 30th, 2020

When it rains it pours.


I went to make my bed a couple of nights ago and one of the cushions was wet. No, it wasn’t incontinence – it has been raining quite a bit the rear window was leaking. Just another little frustration with the trailer but mechanical things do break at some point and need fixing.

It seems like a lot of things are going bad and needing fixed but trailers take a lot of abuse just simply being towed down the road. It’s similar to the old adages like “boat” meaning “Bust Out Another Thousand” and “Jeep” meaning “Just Empty Every Pocket”. Some things are inexpensive, but things can add up quickly, like the water heater problem I mentioned a few days ago.

I put some sealer around the frame but that didn’t fix the problem because it WASN’T the problem but i found out what was. The upper part is stationary and doesn’t open. The bottom window opens and the seal on top of that window (that seals against the stationary window) is what is leaking. I cannot fix it while it is raining so I temporarily put plastic over the window with the infamous Red Green multi-tool – duct tape. It looks pretty crappy but it’s just until I can get it fixed. The seal is in a pretty inaccessible place so it will take some doing to figure it out. I may even have to take the whole window apart.

I was really hoping to get back out on another adventure soon but this window issue will set me back a bit as far as going anywhere very soon. I won’t take the trailer out in public looking like this, and the plastic would never hold up to the wind while going down the highway. I will get it fixed as soon as the weather cooperates and I can take the window out of the trailer, which was on my list of things to do anyway. I mentioned before I just got some new sealant to re-seal all of the windows but I have to take them out of the trailer to do it right.

Speaking of the trailer, I was coming out of the local convenience store yesterday and saw a truck towing an original 1960s version of my Hilander. That was pretty cool to see. I did not get a picture but the style was the same and similar, yet faded, color scheme – turquoise and white. Mine has updates in some things but is pretty close to the original in many ways.

The rain is making a nasty mess of things. The soil here has lots of clay (similar to the midwest) so it is slippery and sticks to everything…like shoes and dog paws. Today I helped Meghan engineer and put in a buried drain pipe for their barn. It was not done correctly (in my opinion) as it drained right into the dry lot making it, well, an un-dry lot. The drain should have really been on the other end so we had to fix it by digging a 40′-long trench and installing a drainpipe to get the water out to the ditch. Everything hurts – some parts hurt just bad and some hurt really damn bad. My hands not working like they should doesn’t help either.

That’s it for today.

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