June 11th, 2020

I am typing this before calling it a night in a KOA in Douglas, WY, the smell of campfires being sucked in through the trailer windows by one of the new super duper fans I installed. I told you a road trip was coming up!

It was a fairly uneventful drive down from MT (more on that in a bit). The temps were a bit warm – hottest I saw was about 84 degrees Farenheit. Not sweltering, but you have to understand I am still getting used to the different, drier climate in the Rocky Mountain area as opposed to the PNW. I had the A/C cranking!

I did not bother taking pictures because I have posted pictures of this route before and not much has really changed. There is some pretty scenery along the way but much of it’s just miles and miles of miles and miles, especially souther MT and all of WY.

So…about the “fairly uneventful drive”…

I made a pit stop on an off-ramp to get more water (I also check the hitch, chains, tires, etc. each time I stop, too). I decided to go ahead and make a reservation at the KOA so I could flush the water lines and do some system checks – water heater (with the new switch I installed), propane heat on the water heater, 12 volt water pump, and anything else that needed a once-over. i also put some water in the water tank so I can boondock it for a day or two if I want.

So there I am jetting down I-25, and I get through Casper. I am about four miles from the exit and my truck died on the interstate. I pulled over and called the KOA to see if they could suggest anyone local to call for some assistance. They asked if I had AAA but I don’t (might oughta think about that I guess…).

Ended up one of the guys from the KOA came out to help…with a gas can. Yep. I am a dumbass. I got through Casper and looked at the gas gauge and it was a real “uh-oh” moment (okay, that not REALLY what I said). I was too far out of Casper to go back – gee, I would hate to run out – so I went onwards hoping for the best. That didn’t work out very well. I am usually more careful than that.

I got into the trailer, went through a few things I wanted to check, got the hot water flowing for a shower before bed, and I was ready to eat. I whipped up some stir-fry chicken with some vegan organic Hokkien noodles, canned chicken, garlic powder, chili flakes and soy sauce. A Fat Tire Ale, a plate and chopsticks later and I was quite full and my taste buds happy. It turned out pretty good for a quick meal.

I am getting better with the chopsticks but have had to really just start over with them after my surgery last year (I tried left hand but that is a no-go…very right handed!). I’m still having weakness issues with that hand, and my left hand has some problems that I have to have surgery to repair. It really sucks but I make do for now. Makes it hard to play guitar though.

I still have to get a wok for stir-fry. I am looking at a Taylor & Ng Natural Nonstick flat-bottom wok, either a 12″ or 14″. I can use it for many things in the trailer so I can cut down on some kitchen gear I haul around. I still need to get that ordered. Maybe I will do that while I am out on my adventure.

It was nice to get a shower in after sweating bullets getting set up. However, the repair on my shower did not hold up so I will have to do what I did not really want to do – take the whole toilet/shower apart and fix it. Looking at it I guess it may not be too bad to fix – not as bad as I thought originally – just a bit daunting at first glance. I did a temporary fix to keep it from leaking but when I get back to MT I have to take care of it. Only one way to know how to do something and that is to just go for it. I learned that lesson well my first solo trip out in a boat heading to Protection Island in a storm with water splashing up over the wheelhouse!

All in all a pretty average day. Tomorrow will be more travel and I will be taking some roads I have not been on yet. I don’t plan on a driving marathon while I am out. I am enjoying traveling much more that way.

Check back tomorrow!

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