February 13th, 2020 – Day 5: Dublin, Ireland

Today we got up and left our rental to go to another hotel close to the airport. We got to the hotel and went for food across the street at a chain called Supermac’s. For a fast food burger it was unexpectedly juicy and delicious and I would compare it to manny “gourmet” burger here. It was a home style patty and it tasted like one my grandma used to make when I was young. An amazing burger for the money.

We got back on a bus to head back to Dublin city center so we could get one more pint and check out some more of the city in more detail. That, and I was also on a mission…more on that in a minute.

Here are a few pictures of our stroll:


Chelsea and Angie in front of Christchurch – Dublin, Ireland


Dublin, Ireland


Irish Rock & Roll Museum – Dublin, Ireland


River Liffey – Dublin, Ireland


Dublin, Ireland


Inside The Temple Bar – Dublin, Ireland


Dublin, Ireland


Dublin, Ireland


Angie in Dublin, Ireland


You think about that! Dublin, Ireland

One thing I wanted to do when I was here was get a new tattoo but we were so busy I didn’t ‘t think any further about it. Now that we are back in town it is my mission to get one.

And I did.


“Sláinte” – It is a toast that means “Good Heath” and I got it in memory of my parents.

Chelsea even got a tiny shamrock tattoo on her ankle.

Back to our hotel to prepare for tomorrow’s adventure! See you then!

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