July 20th, 2018

Today is a cooking day. The weather is nice and cool, but it is supposed to warm up quite a bit in the next week so I need to get it done soon.

I made breakfast sandwiches for the week this morning, then after a quick inventory and spice run I am now making barbacoa beef in the Instant Pot, The whole house smells wonderful right now! This recipe is quite earthy and is so good. Next thing, while that is cooking, I will take the burrito mixture that I cooked and froze last month and make burritos and portion them out for meals. It is still a bit frozen so I may have to wait until tonight but that will get done today. I also want to fire up the oven and make up some red velvet cake mix cookies.

Since I got home Tuesday we got more bad news about my dad from the oncologist and now we are waiting for more news after scans today to see what exactly is going on. I have been wanting to get some cooking and meal prep done the last few days but I have not really felt up to it after getting the oncologist report. My original plan was to come home from this trip and get the trailer out but I got that phone call and thought I should stay closer to home in case I was needed. I’ll be making a lot of trips back it’s looking like.

I need a big distraction and once I get this cooking done I think I may take a walk. Work looms tomorrow so I need to get in a better headspace and that might help. It actually might even help by getting back to work. The cooking is definitely helping today.

The big news I was referring to about a month or so ago won’t be happening after all, but something else big is quite possibly going to come through for me concerning a job. It will be pretty exciting if it happens and I hope to find out soon.

That’s it for now.


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