Europe – Day 1 – January 25th, 2018: Amsterdam, The Netherlands


One of Many Canals in Amsterdam

We finally made it!

We arrived in Amsterdam in the late morning after our brief stopover/plane change in Iceland. We had the option of staying in Iceland when I bought the tickets but we will save doing that for some other time. I hear it is an expensive place to visit and we wanted to concentrate on Europe.

Amsterdam is one cool city. We were pretty beat after a long night with little sleep. We got to our hotel and checked in.

Hotel d’Amsterdam – Our First Hotel in Europe

We went for a walk and got a local burger and it was quite delicious. Unlike any burger I have had before but I would definitely eat another one.

I did damn near throw that delicious burger right up when I saw this giant hideous billboard. Basically it’s the size of the side building it’s on. Yeah it was the goddamn Kardashians. It’s an underwear ad (of course), and smaller versions of the ads are around Amsterdam. Rant complete.

We wanted to have a look around so we set off on foot exploring some of the area, checking out quiet back alleys full of great food and shops of all sorts.

It was a cool afternoon and the wind picked up so it got chilly. We went back to the room and we both ended up passing out for a few hours.

After our nap we went out for another walk and find something fast and easy for dinner.

Off to get some well-earned sleep for the night. Vacation is just beginning- we’ve got a lot of things to see and do!

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