January 24th, 2018 – Off to Europe!

Well, we are outta here and off to Europe! Just shy of eight hours flight time on the first leg of the trip. We have a layover for a plane change in Reykjavik, Iceland. It is a quick layover for only about an hour and a half or so then we board the second plane for the last push to Europe!

I checked us in for our flights for the trip over last night. We actually ended up with better seats than we originally had so it was nice to be able to move forward a little. I don’t like sitting in the back personally and the farther forward the better.

We have an afternoon flight with a few hours to kill beforehand so we’ll be sitting around a little while until time to go but at least we have spare time in case there’s a problem. Luckily we have a late checkout of our room plus we have to be at the airport a few hours early to get through security.

I have never flown to a foreign country so this is new to me. I have driven into Canada several times so I’ve been through the questions but this is just a little bit different.

Getting through security was a breeze – we signed up for a free temporary CLEAR subscrption to get through faster and it sure did the job! We jumped right up to the front of the line and avoided the wait. We got here early and are now just waiting around to board.

Once we got on the plane there were a lot of empty seats so the other person in our row moved. Now we had our side of the row to ourselves. I slept maybe two hours – I have trouble sleeping on planes so I was lucky to get those two. They had the “northern lights” playing on the cabin lighting. We are gonna be tired later but that’s okay.

Hopefully I’ll sleep on the next leg to Europe! Stay tuned!

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