January 18th, 2018

Well, it looks like my off-season is going to be cut short.

I am getting called and asked back to work much earlier than expected. I was hoping to make a few road trips before I went back but that’s okay. Extra money and health insurance always comes in handy. I am pretty certain I’ll go back overseas later this year so it will help pay for that. Yeah, I’d kinda like to be off but it’s good to be staying busy and making some coin. I’ll just have to travel in the Fall and Winter and do some summer weekend trips with the trailer.

It’s hard to believe that I have been in this apartment nearly six months already. It has flown by rather quickly but for some portions of it with some things that were going on it couldn’t go fast enough. At least I’ll be ready for the summer heat since I now know what to expect. I got some insulated curtains in October but they are not blocking light enough for me. I like to sleep cool and dark and the long PNW days here keeps it light late in the night and quite early in the morning. I’ll buy a couple more pairs when I am down by the airport since the store I got the first pairs from is in the area. I’ll double them up to keep the heat out during the day and the light out when I’m trying to sleep. It gets really hot in here in the afternoon with the western exposure of the apartment.

Everything else is good. The two youngest additions to the family are really growing quite fast. We have had some really nice days to get out and walk about so I have been taking advantage of that. It’s been nice to see more sun and temperatures in the upper 50s. That’s much better than the reports I am getting out of Kansas the last few days!

I looked at a used Corvette today. I drove it one day last week and went back and drove it again today. It’s tempting to buy it since I gave up motorcycles. It has a removable roof panel and I could still feel the wind through my scalp and be safer doing it. It has some issues that could be fixed but the more I think about it I’d really rather not pay to insure two cars for one thing. I could also use that money to do another vacation someplace. I could really do some major road trippin’ on that cash. I think I’ll have to pass it up. Maybe sometime down the road I’ll get something like that.

We have not even left yet and here I am already thinking about the next adventure!

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