…And in This Corner, Weighing In At 8 Pounds and a Length of 19″…

Yesterday, while on the phone tossing ideas around on the European trip with my trip cohort, I got “the text” to head to Montana and do it sooner rather than later. There was a baby on the way.

Now mind you, this was about 2:00 PM and it is roughly an 11-hour drive. I hurried and packed and hit the road, planning to go as far as I could stay awake. I ended up driving straight through and arrived about 3:40 local time. You bet I made plenty of stops and got out to stretch while grabbing a large (horribly bad) coffee or two at convenience stores.

At 9:29 this morning, Adriana Rae was brought into this world. She held out while I drove from Washington and her Grandma drove from Colorado. Everyone is doing fine but tired.


I really wish my mom could have been here for the huge family events that have happened the last year or so – Meghan and Loran’s wedding, the birth of Rowan, and the birth of Adriana.

I know she would have been so excited to share the news with everyone she knew.


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