I Kinda Like This Not Working Thing!!

I’ve been off work for really not very long now (about three days…) and I’m liking this quite a bit! I’m getting some things done and doctor appointments taken care of before the end of the year. Staying active at the same time!

I got some shopping for the trip out of the way (items will be here this week), a doctor appointment today where I got THREE vaccinations for my trip (yeah…you COULD say that my arms are sore), and an eye exam for new glasses and/or contacts today as well. I had another appointment yesterday, a phone appointment tomorrow, and a spine seminar Thursday. After that there is a day at work Saturday, then leave next week to go to MT.

I think I will try contact lenses again and see if I can get them to work better. When I had them before I had moved from Colorado’s dry climate to Wetter’n Washington (I think I will copyright that!). I struggled with getting them dialed in to be comfy, but part of that was also the lousy optometrist I was going to. I do think I want to try them again. I hate wearing glasses, especially working outside.

I am trying to get back on track with drinking enough water. My app is really helping, but sometimes I end up ignoring it when it nags at me. I’m getting better at listening to it and drinking without being prompted.

Working on my diet as well, trying to get rid of the unhealthier things in the cupboard (which I try not to buy as a rule) and replace with healthier items. Like most everyone, I used to like eating some of the things that are so bad for you. I try to watch thing as much as I can but I do grab a few things I should be avoiding (also like most everyone).

I bought a French press so I am anxious to try some coffee in it and compare between that and the Mr. Coffee. I am sure it will be better. I did buy an organic medium roast they had on sale but I’m not impressed with the first cup out of the Mr. Coffee. I hope it tastes better in the press.

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