October 21, 2017

Water leaks…ARRGGHHH!!! The trailer had water on the dinette table and one of the cushions was soaked as it ran off of the table. Looks like it was a good thing I went over when I did.

It was not as bad as the initial leak I had discovered when bringing the trailer home in March this year. That one looked like Niagara Falls in the trailer. This time it was more than a drip but was drastically reduced from what it was before I tried to seal it.

I ended up racing the weather. I had to pull all five of the marker lights off the front of the roof and re-seal them. I think I found the issue this time. A could of the lights were quite wet underneath due to the mastic putty sealant that was not in the correct place to seal the fixture. My guess is it heated up in the sun and oozed around and each light lost its seal. I placed the mastic back where it would do some good (some had actually ran down into the wiring hole) and then sealed the lights up with Lexel before installing and then again around the outside. Should be better now and better be waterproof!

I got that done and attempted to put the cover back on the trailer. In the wind it was a pain needless to say. I persevered and finally got it on and strapped down just as the clouds opened up and dumped the afternoon rains that came right on time. It is pretty much going to rain hard for a day or two and there will be flooding in some areas.

I got to the store and got the last missing ingredient for my Italian chicken. I had everything except giardeniera and you HAVE to have that in there or as a garnish (the way I had always seen it eaten). I got the Instant Pot started a few minutes ago and I hope it tastes even half as good as it smells. I simply took my Italian beef Instant Pot recipe and substituted chicken and chicken broth for the beef ingredients.

I have so much stuff in my freezer I am going to need to start eating it faster! It will all get eaten at some point and I have plenty of room for more. As I said in a previous post I can take it on a road trip and not have to make a mess in the trailer. Heat and eat then wash a couple of dishes.

It’s a really good day to be indoors. I need to go do laundry, but I think that will be tomorrow’s excuse to get out of the house.


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