Better Than Videos of Cats

Yep. Hard to believe I know.

I downloaded the Pluto TV app on my Apple TV and have been watching the “Tastemade” channel. I came across these two video series and you can’t help but watch them.

One is called “Kitchen Little“. Better than kittens.

The other one is so silly but addictive so I defy you to change the channel. It is called “Tiny Kitchen“. Go ahead…try to look the other way. I double-dog dare ya.

Other Stuff

It is now tomorrow and I cannot sleep for some reason. In my lack of slumbers I discovered the two shows previously mentioned. I think I am just wound up for season’s end. I really have to get up at a decent time tomorrow and put some moisture canisters in the trailer then hit the grocery store for some giardeniera and crusty bread for my Italian chicken experiment. Rain or not (which it will be rain) I have to go take care of it. I sure hope the roof didn’t leak again! I think I got it fixed over the summer and had good luck with the repair so far.

The weather is unfolding just as they predicted. It sucks. I will definitely be laying low this weekend.

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