Time to Travel a Bit!

Yes, I’m going to hit the road for two jaunts so far. Got an airline ticket to go see family in KS, and I’m taking a drive to MT to see Meghan!

I need a break really badly. Got a lot of brain dust needing cleared out and some travel will help with some of that. I have a three-day weekend this week to do something, and then I’m taking time off next week for MT. I have a massage scheduled this week (a BADLY needed one) and I may go for a drive after that and grab a hotel someplace. Off to KS in late October and I will be there five days or so.

Part of that brain dust is the upcoming one-year anniversary of my mom dying. That’s weighing pretty heavy on me as you can imagine. I have a few personal things going on that I’m dealing with as well.

Yeah even when you have the ability to live your life pretty much how you want to live it shit can pop up, and like always you have to deal with it. Granted a lot LESS shit pops up, but it does happen and it seems that it’s always a little more than trivial.

But it’ll all be okay at some point – I just have to be patient to get to that point. I’ll get through it.

I’m going for a walk around town now.

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