Back to Salads

My week-long eating-out binge has now ended. It’s veggies, fruits, and salads again.

“Did you feel guilty?” you may ask. You may also be pondering the fact (if you know me) that I may not have always been a healthy eater, but I have gotten on a better diet for my health over the last several years.

With that said, the last few years I have gotten progressively better at eating better. I never have been a big veggie fan. They just don’t taste like Twinkies. I have found some veggies I like and am trying many different things. I like a good veggie pizza red beans and rice, veggie burgers, veggie burritos, etc. Most of the veggies I do like I eat raw so that is even healthier (and besides…I hate the way they taste when cooked). Yeah, I eat stuff like I did the last week but that is the exception and not the rule anymore. Knowing that I need to do even better has prompted me into eating a lot better these last few weeks.  I have also been drinking more water lately and it definitely makes me feel a lot better.

I am used to being outside and sitting in a class for the time I did last week made me long for being back outside. I have been trying to relax but I had many things to do I did not get done before I left for training and I had to wrap them up after I got back. Downtime has been slim this weekend and it’s back to work tomorrow. I did get out a little in Newport but had to spend some of my time studying after class. I hope to get out on another adventure with the trailer next weekend. I have a new granddaughter on the way and she just might postpone me going anywhere but Kansas sometime during he next few weeks. It’s been hot back there – she should wait a few months until it cools off.

So eating healthy once again is the rule and not the exception. Will I eat bad stuff again? Yes I most definitely will and I will savor those tastes whenever I do.

Until we eat again!

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