I Miss Coffee

I gave up coffee several months ago. I quit mainly because of the empty calories from the creamer, but also to get my blood pressure down a little. Let’s face it…coffee creamers are not exactly health food either and are loaded with all sorts of bad stuff.

I mentioned a few months back about the ritual of making coffee. Yes, I miss doing that every morning. However, I also miss the taste of a nice rich cup of really dark Sumatra roast with French vanilla creamer. I do like my coffee like I like my beer – dark and satisfyingly full-bodied, and not that thin watery garbage served at many famous places that are across the street from one another.

Staying in the hotel they have coffee and creamer available 24/7 but I have been able to resist even though I was tempted and needed a boost. Perhaps one of these days I will start drinking it again, but for now the health benefits greatly outweigh my desire to resume my coffee habit. Even drinking it black there is still the stimulant property I want to avoid.

Luckily, I didn’t have that issue 15 years ago when I finally gave up cigarettes.

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